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Yorkies For Sale 

in Louisiana

Precious Yorkies is home to tiny Yorkies for Sale in Louisiana.  We specialize in small, tiny Yorkies, Parti Yorkies Chocolates, and Golden Yorkies.

We raise quality, healthy Yorkies of all colors. Being a small private breeder of AKC & CKC Registered Yorkshire Terriers, we provide individual attention to all our dogs and puppies. Our family lives in Livingston, Louisiana, between French Settlement and Frost.

Being raised in our home, our cute little yorkies are very people-oriented and make great family pets. Our Yorkies receive the utmost care and love. Each puppy is wormed and vaccinated before going to their new home. We want to make sure they go to good families who will love them as much as we do.

Each dog is a true friend and companionship from God. My first Yorkie, “Oakley” came at the time for me when I battled breast cancer, Oakley became my lap dog and companion, and she was right on time. From then on I fell in love with the Yorkies. No two are alike with their different colors, sizes, and shapes; each has its own personality. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Just like God made each of us different with our unique personalities as well.

Puppies will most definitely put a smile on your face, give you laughter, and love, and will form a bond that cannot be broken. They become one of the family. Definitely a gift from God.

Thanks for stopping by our site. Please enjoy looking at our cute Precious Yorkies and their pups. May the Grace of God be with each of you always.




I will always have my dogs, regardless of what age I am. My dogs make me laugh, make me proud, have made me cry, have seen me cry, have seen me fail,cheered me up, and driven me crazy! But through everything, they have always been there for me!